Duvall was a Human male Earth Starfleet officer during the mid-22nd century. He was remembered for being the first Human to travel at the speed of warp 3.


He and Jonathan Archer trained together at the Academy, and became friends. Archer fell in love with Duvall's older sister, Monique, who was a captain in Starfleet at the time. Archer used their friendship to get closer to Monique. (ENT novel: Daedalus)

In 2144, Duvall was a pilot in the NX test program and the first Human to break warp 3 in the NX-Delta prototype - after first choices A.G. Robinson and Archer had some trouble with authority after making an unauthorized test flight to avoid the closing of the program. (ENT episode: "First Flight")

In 2151, Duvall was promoted to captain, and given the command of the Earth starship Shenandoah. Upon learning this, Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer was surprised, commenting, "thank God we're a hundred light-years away." (ENT episode: "Silent Enemy")

In 2157, Duvall was in command of the USS Gettysburg when it fought at the Battle of Gamma Hydra. The Gettysburg survived the battle but Duvall was killed when a Romulan torpedo breached the hull on the bridge, and he was blown out into space with three of his senior officers. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: To Brave the Storm)



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