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The Dwarfstar-class was a starship freighter of Orion design, in operation during the late 23rd century.

The Dwarfstar class was of Orion design and manufactured by Orinco Shipbuilders, a Rigellian company at their Rigel VIII shipyards. They were small, fast and expensive Class III freighters designed for the frontier trader who was prepared for trouble. They came in three models of increasing levels of armament and shielding.

The Mark I was unarmed and had only navigational shields and a crew of 8. These were usually used in safer regions of space for fast courier activities and transportation of small but urgent cargoes (up to 50,000 metric tons). Though they never took off in the Orion Colonies, they found popularity with Federation customers. The Mark I entered service in reference stardate 2/1005, and 215 had been constructed by stardate 2/2306.

The Mark II on the other hand was lightly armed and increased shielding, with a crew of 10. They were intended for frontier traders who occasionally needed weapons for defense, but preferred to flee. They also entered service in stardate 2/1005, and 712 had been built by stardate 2/2306.

Finally, the Mark III was heavily armed and stronger shielded. It had a crew of 15, but cargo capacity was reduced to 37,500 metric tons. Though the manufacturers intended it for trading activity in dangerous areas, or so they claimed, the Mark III found more common usage as a fast corvette or gunboat for a number of Orion governments, and frequently as a pirate raider. They entered service later, in stardate 2/1010, and 310 were constructed before stardate 2/2306.

All models had two warp engines for speed, with a maximum safe cruising speed of warp factor 8 (6 when fully loaded) and an emergency speed of warp 10 (7 when loaded). It had landing capability, 6-person and cargo transporters, and could carry 4 passengers.

The Pride O'Rigel was a Mark II Dwarfstar-class. (FASA RPG module: A Doomsday Like Any Other)

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