This article is about the Iconian descendants of the planet Dinasia, known as Dynasians. You may be looking for the native species of the planet Dinasia, the Dinasians.

The Dynasians were a group of Iconians who survived the orbital bombardment of their homeworld and settled themselves on the planet of Dynasia, where they coexisted with the planet's native population, the Dynasia natives, for more than 200,000 years. (TNG novel: The Devil's Heart)

History[edit | edit source]

Prior to the orbital bombardment of the Iconian homeworld approximately 200,000 years ago, there was an Iconian outpost present on the planet. When the Iconian homeworld was attacked, Dynasia, along with Ikkabar and DiWahn, was one of the three worlds that the surviving Iconians escaped to via an Iconian gateway. Unlike the other two worlds, there was already a native population living on the planet.

The Iconian survivors, who also became known as the Dynasians, were able to successfully adapt to this new environment, although there was a great deal of tension between the Iconian descendants and the native population. A group of leading academics ruled the planet in an assembly called the Faculty. The head of state of Dynasia was the Warden.

In the mid 24th century, Dynasia had applied for admission to the United Federation of Planets, which heightened tensions on the planet. After a group of Dynasians attempted to retrieve the Devil's Heart by hijacking a Federation starship, the Federation Council decided that Dynasia would be ineligible to apply for Federation membership for at least 100 years. (TNG novel: The Devil's Heart)

Language[edit | edit source]

Like the DiWahn and the Ikkabar, the Iconian descendants of Dynasia developed their own distinct language, based on the original Iconian mother tongue. In the year 2365, Lieutenant Commander Data was able to use the Dinasian language, plus the languages developed on Ikkabar and DiWahn to help reconstruct the Iconian language. (TNG episode: "Contagion")

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