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The ECS Fortunate (ECS-2801) was a United Earth starship, a Y-class freighter in Earth Cargo Service operation in the 22nd century. The vessel was owned by the Keene family. (ENT episode: "Fortunate Son")

History and specifications[]

The Fortunate was launched in the 22nd century. (The Official Starships Collection Issue Issue 49: "ECS Fortunate")

The Keene family served on board for three generations. Its warp engine could propel the freighter to warp 1.8. It was armed with a plasma cannon and defended by hull plating. In 2151, Fortunate was fitted with a second plasma cannon, and Earth Starfleet convinced Captain Jackson Keene to upgrade to a warp three engine. At the time, the Fortunate had a crew of 23 Humans, and a pet Teneebian skunk.

Jackson Keene served as commanding officer. Matthew Ryan had become first officer following his rescue from the ECS North Star.

At some point, the Fortunate visited Jupiter Station. Ryan and Shaw corrected a loading error in module 2 committed by Jupiter Station.

In 2151, Keene was incapacitated during an attack by Nausicaan pirates. Ryan took command and kept a captured raider as hostage.

When the United Earth Starfleet warp 5 starship Enterprise NX-01 arrived, Ryan attempted to dissuade Starfleet from supporting Fortunate and discovering the hostage. During their investigation, Ryan led Captain Jonathan Archer, Subcommander T'Pol and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed into a cargo module, then jettisoned it.

With information gained from their Nausicaan prisoner, Ryan led Fortunate into attacking a nearby Nausicaan asteroid base. The asteroid base was defended by a squadron of Nausicaan raiders, and Fortunate was quickly overwhelmed. Enterprise arrived and interceded on the ECS freighter's behalf, saving it from destruction through diplomacy.

Keene recovered and demoted Ryan to able crewman, intend on resolving the matter among the Boomers rather than handing him over to Starfleet or the Earth Cargo Authority. (ENT episode: "Fortunate Son")


By the 24th century, the Y class freighter was also known as Fortunate-class. (ST video game: Legacy)

In the Kelvin timeline, the ECS Fortunate was a modified J-class survey vessel in service in 2262. (ST video game: Fleet Command)



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