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Eaglemoss Collections is a publisher and licensee of the Star Trek franchise, specializing in collectibles such as starship models and reprint editions of classic publications of comic books.



  • Star Trek: Designing Starships
    • Designing Starships Volume One (1st ed.)
      • Designing Starships: The Enterprises and Beyond (2nd ed.)
    • Designing Starships Volume Two (1st ed.)
      • Designing Starships: Voyager and Beyond (2nd ed.)
    • Designing Starships: The Kelvin Timeline (1st and 2nd ed.)
    • Star Trek Discovery: Designing Starships
  • Star Trek: Illustrated Handbook
    • Illustrated Handbook Volume One: TNG: The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
    • Illustrated Handbook Volume Two: TOS: The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 & 1701-A
    • Illustrated Handbook Volume Three: VOY: The USS Voyager NCC-74656


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