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Ranks were created sometime in the mid 22nd century due to the expansion of the United Earth Starfleet. The early rank structure had at least three enlisted position, four officer ranks, and three ranks for use by flag officers.

Uniforms of this period were mainly worn as single fitting jumpsuits with a colored shoulder trim denoting what field a particular officer or crewman specialized in (command, security/engineering, or science/medical).

  command division operations division sciences division
basic crew Earth cmd crew.png Earth ops crew.png Earth sci crew.png
Enlisted Personnel
crewman third class Earth cmd crew3.png Earth ops crew3.png Earth sci crew3.png
crewman second class Earth cmd crew2.png Earth ops crew2.png Earth sci crew2.png
crewman first class Earth cmd crew1.png Earth ops crew1.png Earth sci crew1.png
chief petty officer Insignia unestablished
Line Officers
ensign Earth cmd ens.png Earth ops ens.png Earth sci ens.png
lieutenant Earth cmd lt.png Earth ops lt.png Earth sci lt.png
lieutenant commander[1] Earth cmd ltcmdr.png Earth ops ltcmdr.png Earth sci ltcmdr.png
commander Earth cmd cmdr.png Earth ops cmdr.png Earth sci cmdr.png
captain Earth cmd capt.png Earth ops capt.png Earth sci capt.png
Flag Officers
commodore Earth cdore.png
rear admiral Earth radm.png
vice admiral Earth vadm.png
admiral Earth adm.png
Other ranks commonly seen in TOS-era and beyond, such as lieutenant junior grade, were never established in any ENT episode or novel. The mention of the "four-star" Admiral was spoken but never seen on screen, and thus the full admiral image is conjecture.
Federation Starfleet rank eras
Emblem of the United Federation of Planets. 2160s2230s2240s-2260s2260s2270s2278-2350s2350s-2360s2360s-2370s2370s-2380searly 2380s2386-2400s29th century32nd centuryalternate histories: alternate reality 2250salternate reality 2390s/2400s Seal of the Federation Starfleet.
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  1. Rank insignia inspired by other Starfleet insignias.

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