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Easter was the name adopted by an Irish Republican Army terrorist who operated in Eastern Europe in the mid 21st century. He took his name from the Easter Rising in Ireland against the British government in 1916.

Easter was of the final generation of IRA fighters, who came of age shortly before the time when Ireland and Great Britain both became part of United Earth. Knowing no other life than that of a soldier, he continued to fight for the then-dead cause, and romanticizing the period.

By 2045, he had become leader of the Easter Rebellion, a cell of terrorists of differing political stripes, including Aghan, Red, Noir, and Kaze. When he learned of a pair of extraterrestrials stranded on Earth, he approved of the plan to capture them and use them as hostages, to be used as leverage for their political demands. However, Easter and his team were caught in a blizzard in Antarctica, during which Easter suffered a mental collapse, refusing to move and instead singing Sinn Fein marching songs such as "A Nation Once Again". The other four abandoned him, and he was eventually found by AeroNav forces frozen to death. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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