The Ebrost Mining Complex was a facility on the planet Remus and was situated in the Valis'Shar continent in the Tansarr subcontinent.

It represented the fact that mining and related industry dominated the subcontinent's economy and was one of the largest mines as well as mining towns. The complex was own by a Romulan company of the same name and was nestled within a broad valley in the western half of the Valstorean Mountains where it controlled over two dozen major mines.

The mines gathered valuable minerals such as Uridium, Gentadium as well as metals which poured out of the facility every day. Due to materials that were mined being capable of being used by the military, the complex was considered a strategic resource and thus a substantial garrison of Romulan soldiers were posted to guard the facility and maintain order. Drills and other mining machines were used for most of the heavy labor which included virtually all the dangerous work. A nearby town of over seven thousand Zelvorians also supplied a source of laborers which were needed to accomplish the countless menial duties that needed to be performed both in and outside the mines. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire)

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