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Edic was a male Tigan in the 24th century.

Edic's family had long been involved in a planetary conspiracy which frequently rewrote Tigan's history, Edic himself had been involved many times. In 2364 one such revision removed the Tigan Chancellor Lomac from office, replacing him with fellow conspirator Kadec. Shortly after Edic escorted an away team from the USS Enterprise-D who were visiting the planet to meet Kadec. Unfortunately unlike the Tigan populous the away team were not connected to the Tigan central computer by the Tigan interface so did not have there memories rewritten and were aware of the changes, uncovering the conspiracy. They were taken into custody and Edic got to work attempting to reprogram Data to forget what he had found.

Fortunately Edic's attempts to reprogram Data were unsuccessful and he had a change of heart, seeing the error of his and his ancestors ways he took Kadec into custody for crimes against state. He later lead a newly reformed Tigan government and looked forward to working more with the Federation. (TNG comic: "History Lesson")