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Edinov was a star with an associated star system, located in the Trench region of the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. (TOS video game: Bridge Crew)

History and specifications

In the primary universe, this system was one of the sites where skirmishes occurred between Starfleet, the Romulan Star Empire and the Borg Collective in the 24th century. The USS Enterprise-D patrolled the region to defend Federation interests. (TOS video game: Bridge Crew, The Next Generation DLC)

Alternate timeline

Edinov space station.

In the Kelvin timeline, the Edinov system was under Federation control in the 23rd century. In the 2250s decade, space stations and associated facilities orbited the system's primary. (TOS video game: Bridge Crew)

Following the destruction of Vulcan[1] in the year 2258, Starfleet dispatched an expeditionary fleet to the Trench to search the region for a potential new homeworld for the surviving Vulcans. One of the ships sent to Edinov was the USS Huxley under the command of Captain Ukwu.

Solar panels in the Edinov system.

On stardate 2258.193, the Huxley rendezvoused with the USS Aegis in the Edinov system. Under the lead of the Aegis, both ships traveled to the Silva system in the Trench to determine its suitability as a site for the future New Vulcan. The ships found the system riddled with anomalies. Silva IV was deemed unfit for colonization. Dutifully, Ukwu and her Aegis counterpart completed the survey of the system and scared off pirates, before returning to Edinov. (TOS video game: Bridge Crew mission: "Ep. 1: Stormy Seas")


Location within the Trench.

  • Edinov (star, primary)
    • Federation facilities



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