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The Edo were a humanoid species native to the planet Rubicun III.

The Edo had wiped out criminality thousands of years ago and it became virtually unknown to them. The Edo were a very peaceful and free-spirited society, being welcoming and friendly and offering themselves sexually to anyone who would accept. It was customary among them to run from place to place instead of walking.

However, due to their fear of their society returning to a state of chaos and anarchy, their system of justice only acknowledged execution as punishment for any crime.

The Edo were protected by a trans-dimensional super-entity which orbit around their planet, which they worshiped as a God.

In 2364, the Edo made first contact with the crew of the USS Enterprise-D when they arrived at their planet for potential Shore leave. When Wesley Crusher accidentally destroyed a greenhouse while playing ball with the Edo children, the Edo sentenced him to death. However, due to the intervention of Captain Picard, Wesley was saved. (TNG episode: "Justice")

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