The Edo God, also known as the Edo Guardian, was a group of trans-dimensional entities existing in orbit of Rubicun III. It served as the god and protector of the Edo, whom it referred to as its children, as well as the Rubicun and Strnad systems. The Edo God possessed powerful defenses and weapons, such as multiphasic disruptors and antiplasma bolts, making Rubicun one of the most well-protected star systems in the Milky Way. It's transdimensional nature meant it usually remained almost hidden from sensors. It could communicate with others through an orb that could also attach itself to a computer or android to interface directly.

In 2364, the USS Enterprise-D made first contact with the Edo after establishing a colony in the Strnad system. The Edo God remained hidden from sensors until Captain Picard demanded that the object in orbit reveal itself. After communicating with Data, the Edo God warned Picard not to interfere with the Edo, and reacted angrily when Picard brought Rivan aboard the Enterprise. Nonetheless, Picard was able to persuade the Edo God to release Wesley Crusher, who had been sentenced to death under the draconian Edo justice system. (TNG episode: "Justice", TNG video game: Birth of the Federation)

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