Edrem was a Husian man, the spiritual leader of the planet Hus-24.

Edrem was a maniac with delusions of grandeur. He wore platform shoes to tower over fellow Husians. He also carried a staff and wore a yellow cape.


In February 2274, Edrem launched a conspiracy to capture two Federation starships, the USS Enterprise and the USS Venture, while they were at the Hus-24 drydock. Edrem ordered both crews gassed, with male personnel sent to a tritanium mine and female personnel to harvest fields of grain. In the mine, Edrem told the chained male crews that they would remain there for the rest of their lives and that Husians were through working for Starfleet.

While both crews toiled on the planet, Edrem hoped to take the Enterprise out of drydock. The Husian technical crew thought they could manage it, but soon discovered the helm was protected with a password. Edrem returned to the surface and gave Kirk two hours to unlock the helm, or else some prisoners would be killed. Before the deadline, both crews escaped and assaulted armed Husian guards. The Husians surrendered quickly despite their overwhelming firepower, especially after Edrem was caught trying to sneak away by Montgomery Scott.

Based on the Husians' disinterest in fighting, Captain Morgan Avery of the Venture suspected that Edrem might have manipulated the other Husians through hypnotism. The Husians were left on the planet, but would all be brought to trial for their crimes. (TOS comic: "Husian Gambit")




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