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Edren [1], also known as the Metron system [2], was a binary star system [3] located at coordinates 2466 PM [4] in the Celes sector [1] of the galaxy's Beta Quadrant [1] [5]. It was the home system of the Metron Consortium [2].

History and specifics[]

The Metron system's orbit was the location of ten planets. The system was located in Quadrant 3 South in the general vicinity of Deep Space Station K-12 and the Arcadian system. (ST reference: Star Trek Maps)

STO - Agents of Yesterday mission: "In the Shadow of Cestus" stated that the system contained three planets, with Metrons creating the fourth in 2267.

It was a binary star system with two G class yellow stars. (TOS - Unlimited comic: "The Veteran")

It was located in the southern region of the Beta Quadrant. (Star Trek Adventures RPG module: Beta Quadrant Sourcebook)

It was at least 22.3 parsecs from Cestus at coordinates 2466 PM.

In 2267, while pursuing the GCS Gress'sril from Cestus III, the USS Enterprise and Gorn ship were rendered inert as they passed the system, previously unexplored by the Federation. Crews of both ships watched helplessly as Captains S'alath and James T. Kirk were forced to engage in a trial by combat by the Metrons. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: Arena)

In April 2371, the system was visited by a Gorn starship, as well as the USS Excelsior and a Klingon bird of prey. Kang and Hikaru Sulu both took shore leave there. (TOS - Unlimited comic: "The Veteran")

System makeup[]

Edren system binary stars
  • Edren I
  • Edren II
  • Edren III
  • Edren IV (Metron planet)
  • Edren V
  • Edren VI
  • Edren VII
  • Edren VIII
  • Edren IX
  • Edren X



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