Edrin was a male Caeliar who served as chief architect in Axion.

In 1525, Edrin constructed a holographic area in Axion for the four Columbia officers after Erika Hernandez expressed frustration at being cooped up aboard the ship for as long as they had. Although Veronica Fletcher and Johanna Metzger rejected the artificial environment, it was the only place that Sidra Valerian found refuge.

In 2381, Edrin was part of the welcoming team, along with Inyx and former Earth Starfleet Captain Hernandez, who met with the USS Titan away team when it arrived at New Erigol. Edrin transported the away team from their meeting site to their quarters. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

Axion was transported back to the Azure Nebula in order to lure the Borg there with the city's Omega molecule generator, effectively halting the Collective's invasion. The ploy was effective, and the Borg Collective and Caeliar gestalt began to merge and fight over superiority. Edrin was one of the Caeliar that led the investigation behind the Collective, asking if they knew who it was, and later finding the presence of Sedín as the deranged organization and drive behind the mortal enemy. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

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