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Edward Jellico was a career officer in the Federation Starfleet in the late 24th century. He served as commanding officer of the USS Cairo for over ten years, also serving as Federation Starfleet Academy Dean of Students, commanding officer of the USS Enterprise-D, culminating in a short tenure as Starfleet Commander-in-Chief during the Borg Invasion of 2381. (TNG episode: "Chain of Command", ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)


Early careerEdit

Jellico was born in Houston, Texas, on Earth in 2311. At the age of 18, Jellico entered Starfleet Academy, and he graduated in 2333 in the 85th percentile. Ensign Jellico was assigned as a shuttle pilot on the Jovian Run between Jupiter and Saturn.

However, by the end of the year, Jellico was promoted to lieutenant, junior grade and assigned to the USS Memphis as a junior conn officer. By 2344, Jellico was still serving aboard the Memphis but had risen to the rank of full lieutenant. That year, the Memphis suffered heavy damage as a result of an attack by Cardassian forces. During the battle, the tactical officer was killed, and Lt. Jellico assumed her position, successfully devising a strategy to defeat the Cardassians. (TNG video game: Starship Creator)

In 2349, Jellico took a year out of space service to attend tactical training on Earth. Following the completion of his training in 2350, Jellico was promoted to lieutenant commander and was assigned to the USS Cairo as tactical officer.

In early 2354, Jellico was promoted to commander and assigned as first officer aboard the Cairo, when the former first officer was killed during an away mission in which he was ambushed by Cardassians.

Dean of Students, Starfleet AcademyEdit

After some time aboard the Cairo, Jellico took a position at Starfleet Academy as the dean of students. Also at the Academy at that time was young Mackenzie Calhoun. (ST game: Starship Creator and NF novel: Stone and Anvil)

USS Cairo and the CardassiansEdit

By 2357, Jellico was once again serving aboard the Cairo as first officer. In that year, Captain Ashford was killed during a Cardassian attack, and Jellico was promoted to captain for his "efficient, demanding style of command". However, Jellico still had time to consider creating a family, and in 2359 he married a human woman named Deborah, and two years later, their son, Franklin Paul Jellico was born.

In 2367, Captain Jellico was called into aid the negotiators to end the Federation-Cardassian War, because of his vast experiences with the Cardassians. (ST video game: Starship Creator)

Jellico's negotiations with the Cardassians allowed him to work with Ambassador Karrig of the Federation Diplomatic Corps. (DS9 video game: Harbinger)

After commanding the Cairo for many years, he assumed temporary command of the USS Enterprise-D in 2369. During that mission, he was assigned to negotiate an agreement with the Cardassian Central Command to defuse rising tensions between the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets. Jellico butted heads several times with Enterprise executive officer William T. Riker, eventually relieving him and replacing him with Lieutenant-Commander Data. Despite these tensions, Jellico devised a plan to plant mines amongst the Cardassian fleet hiding in the McAllister C-5 Nebula. Demonstrating to the Cardassians his ability to destroy their ships at will, he successfully forced a withdrawal of the Cardassians to their nearest starbase and the return of captured Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who shortly thereafter resumed command of the Enterprise. Jellico then resumed command of the Cairo. (TNG episode: "Chain of Command")

Jellico was placed in command of Deep Space 5 in 2371. (ST video game: Starship Creator)


By 2373, Jellico had been promoted to Admiral. That year, he was part of the delegation at Deep Space 5 that formulated the Federation's response to the collapse of the Thallonian Empire in Sector 221-G. He later supervised Starfleet operations in that sector, including the mission of Captain Mackenzie Calhoun of the USS Excalibur, from his office in San Francisco. He and Calhoun often came into conflict over the next six years. (NF novel: House of Cards, et al)

Starfleet CommandEdit

In 2379, Admiral Jellico was assigned to Federation Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. That year, he was one of five Starfleet admirals who along with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Ambassador Lagan Serra decided the fate of Federation President Min Zife after the disastrous Tezwan affair. Jellico was initially unsure that they had the right to do anything to Zife nor was he sure that they even should do anything. But eventually he was persuaded by the others that they should force Zife, Koll Azernal, and Nelino Quafina to step down. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

Sometime after this, Jellico, along with Admiral T'Pax and Commander M'ibas were then introduced by Dr. Alyssa Wyatt of the Daystrom Institute to the starship Paradox. After witnessing a demonstration of its shunt drive, he stunned T'Pax, Wyatt and then wounded M'ibas. He then took the Paradox away. Jellico then found the IRW Spectre under the command of Romulan legate, Soleta. He then took her from the Spectre. It was then revealed that the Adm. Jellico in command of the Paradox was not the real one but one from another universe or dimension.(NF comic: "Turnaround")

In 2380, Admiral Jellico was one of the chief organizers of Starfleet's response to the Borg supercube crisis. (TNG novel: Before Dishonor)

Commander-in-Chief of StarfleetEdit

The next year, Jellico was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Federation Starfleet, placing him in overall command of Starfleet's response to that year's Borg invasion. Although Jellico's demanding command style and 'get-it-done' attitude ultimately served both Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets well during the crisis, he was reluctant to accept the promotion; he wished to be on the front line, in command of a starship. He spent many nights in his office at Starfleet Command Headquarters, so many that Alynna Nechayev found it necessary to convince him to delegate Starfleet's planning tasks and get some rest. Jellico was also involved in a high-level Starfleet Command meeting that included Admirals Hastur, Nakamura, and Nechayev, as well as government representatives Jas Abrik and Seven of Nine. Jellico agreed with Seven's declaration that Picard's plan was fatally flawed, but dismissed her suggestion to abandon the Milky Way Galaxy through one of the subspace tunnels discovered in the Azure Nebula. Feeling her points were not being taken seriously, Seven grabbed Jellico around the neck and extended her assimilation tubules. Jellico had her escorted out for her demonstration. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

In the final hours of the Invasion, as the Federation was being systematically exterminated by the Collective, Admiral Jellico issued an order countermanding Admiral Nechayev's ban on over-reliance upon transphasic torpedoes, transmitting the design specifications for the weapon throughout the Federation Starfleet and to the Klingon Defense Force in a desperate attempt to stop the invasion force. Acknowledging that this was a gamble, Jellico simply noted that if it failed and the transphasic torpedoes were rendered useless due to Borg adaptation, there was no one to blame but himself. Jellico also issued the USS Enterprise-E and USS Aventine new orders after contact was reestablished with the two vessels at the Azure Nebula; their orders were essentially to do anything that they could, as Starfleet had run out of ideas. He urged the two captains to prepare an exit strategy, should Earth fall. Jellico also deployed the USS Tempest and its battle fleet to aid the Klingons in defending Qo'noS, but Fleet Admiral Leonard James Akaar was doubtful it would arrive in time. He, along with Admirals Nechayev and Nakamura, monitored the attacks on Vulcan, Andor, Coridan III, Rigel, and Qo'noS from the secure bunker in Starfleet Command Headquarters, hoping that history remembered that at least they tried to fight the Borg. They enjoyed a momentary swing of momentum when the Borg began to suddenly fire upon each other; Jellico issued orders for all assets to engage, but this advantage was short lived. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

Following the invasion, Admiral Jellico tendered his resignation to Federation President Nanietta Bacco, believing that his personal honor demanded it. (TNG novel: Losing the Peace)

His role in the removal of Min Zife was revealed following the exposure of Section 31 and Uraei in 2386. A short time later Jellico was arrested by Federation Security Agency officers on criminal charges related to his involvement with 31. After Admiral Ross was assassinated by a grieving widow whose husband died at the hands of 31, the FSA and Starfleet took measures to ensure the safety of other 31 agents taken in to custody. (TNG novel: Available Light)


Jellico's interests included swimming, spelunking and racquetball. (ST video game: Starship Creator)

Alternate realitiesEdit

In an alternate reality, Jellico served as captain of the US Enterprise. After science officer Jean-Luc Picard came to his attention for his work on the survey of Selcundi Drema, he made him the Enterprise's second officer. Jellico was succeeded as captain by Wesley Crusher. After Data was killed by the Reman usurper Vkruk in 2379, Picard became first officer. (TNG novel: Q & A)

In another alternate reality, Captain Jellico was commanding the USS Cairo in 2367 when he was considered for command of the USS Enterprise-D after the death of Captain Picard at the hands of the Borg. When Captain William T. Riker was ultimately allowed to stay on as the flagship's captain, Jellico was promoted to Rear admiral. Riker had heard rumors that Jellico's promotion was something of a consolation prize for not getting the Enterprise, but nobody official would admit that. (TNG novel: Headlong Flight)

Starfleet service recordEdit

location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Starfleet Academy student 2329-2333 cadet Starfleet 2270s cmd insignia

2273 Ep Red

Jovian Run Shuttle pilot 2333 ensign Starfleet 2280s insignia

2270s-2350 Eng Ens

2270s-2350 ens sleeve
USS Memphis
junior conn officer 2333-? lieutenant junior grade 2270s-2350 Eng Lt jg
2270s-2350 ltjg sleeve
conn officer  ?-2344 lieutenant 2270s-2350 eng lt
2270s-2350 lt sleeve
tactical officer 2344-2349
Starfleet Tactical trainee 2349-2350
USS Cairo
tactical officer 2350-2354 lieutenant commander Starfleet 2360s insignia
2350s ops ltcmdr
first officer 2354 commander
2350s cmd cmdr
Starfleet Academy dean of students 2354-2357
USS Cairo
first officer 2357
commanding officer 2357-2369 captain
2350s-2360s command capt
Red Capt 2364
USS Enterprise-D 2369 Red Capt 2364
USS Cairo 2369-2371
Starfleet 2370s insignia Red Capt 2371
2370s cmd capt
Deep Space 5 2371-2373
Starfleet Command Rear admiral 2373 Rear admiral
Red RAdmUp 2373
Admiral 2379 Admiral
Red Adm 2373
commander-in-chief 2381 Fleet Admiral
Red Flt Adm 2373



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