The Regulan eel bird (or Regulusian eel-bird) was an animal native to the planet Regulus V. They are noted for their instinctive drive, every eleven years, to return to the caverns where they were hatched and mate. (TOS episode: "Amok Time")

Eel birds are noted for their speed. (DS9 novel: Antimatter)

A sub-species, the pygmy eel-bird, were noted for their shiny purple plumage, which reflected the UV rays of their planet's sun. A number of pygmy eel-birds were transplanted to planet Mestiko circa 2274, but their habitats were endangered by a massive forest fire in that year. (TOS eBook: The Darkness Drops Again)

The eggs of the eel-bird were consumed as food by some humanoids. Gris Giernad had two hard-boiled Regulusian eel-bird eggs for breakfast every day. (CoE eBook: The Art of the Comeback)

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