The Eerlikka were a humanoid race native to the planet Eerlik. They were characterized by their teal-colored skin, hairless heads, and stubby arms and legs.

The Eerlikka achieved space flight several thousand years prior to the 24th century, but had little interest in exploring, and largely limited their space travel to Eerlik's moon. It was there that the Eerlikka built Ganitriul, an artificial intelligence which controlled all automated systems and functions in society. Ganitriul's importance to society was illustrated by the rise of a clergy dedicated to caring for the computer. The Eerlikka became so dependent on Ganitriul that it was feared a brief breakdown of the computer in 2376 would lead to the society's collapse.

In 2326, a group of Eerlikka called the Pevvni left Eerlik, and established a colony on the ninth planet of the system, in an effort to separate themselves from the influence of Ganitriul and the clergy.

The Eerlikka government is composed of a number of Speakers, led by a First Speaker. (SCE eBook: Fatal Error)

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