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Azanthair BaracinEcramRazmadSenni RuaalDarek RezGotara TebreezeJason TabreezeMareza TabreezeTelluna TabreezAkreedor Torelius
Other characters
The Doctor (Aeson)
Referenced only 
AesonBelleGeorges BizetDelvokKathryn JanewayJasonJeffreyKesLeeramNeelixTom ParisDanara PelJean-Luc PicardSeven of NineWilliam ShakespeareSurakTahalTuvokVerasulH. G. WellsNaomi WildmanSamantha Wildman

Starships and vehicles[]

ambulancetransportUSS Voyager
Referenced only 
cunarcycleUSS Enterprise-DUSS Kibalchich


Tahal-Meeroj (DocklandTerrina)
Referenced only 
Akritirian maximum security detention facilityBoraalDrema IVEarth (Ancient Greece) • RomulusSigma Iotia IITrelakis homeworld

Races and cultures[]

Tahal-Isut (Terrinan)
Referenced only 

States and organizations[]

Central ProtectorateCentral Protectorate Air CommandLakesideMountainpoliceStarfleetTerrina ProtectorateUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Romulan Senate

Science and technology[]

amniotic fluidanti-intoxicantdiabetesduraniumEmergency Command HologramEmergency Medical Hologramhologramholomatrixholonovelhomeopathyinsulinisolinear rodkidneylacumar rhontopamacrosomiamissilemobile emitteroligohydraminospaddpancréaspregnancyrecorderscannersensorspinetachyontachyon coretemporal displacementtranscervical amnioinfusiontransportertricorder

Other references[]

The Adventures of Captain Protonapartmentaria d'agilitaasclepiasbaseballbirthdayBizetcalendarcapital citycaramelcherusa kelochief medical officerChief medical officer's log, USS VoyagerChicago Mobs of the TwentieschocolateCold Warcomposercomputer technicianconstablecounselorcustarddoctoremyaraentrepreneurfreysagardenergrumpta ballherbHippocratic oathThe IncidentInfield Fly Rulejournalistkeloknifelacunar rhontopalibrarylinguistlutebomedicmezzo-sopranomuggingnannynewspapernurseoctaveoligohydraminosopera housepianopolice officerPrime Directiveprison campprotectorprotestresaknaresearcherschkixshrubsiren • "Sky Ship" • Sky Ship Friendsstaiolstardatestretcherstriknateddy beartelescopetransit stationVulcan nerve pinch


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