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The Einstein-class was a type of Federation starship used in the early 23rd century. (ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)


By 2196, the Daedalus-class of ships was retired and replaced by the Einstein- and Baton Rouge-classes. For the next three decades, these ships were crewed with Starfleet's best and brightest. (ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)

Sometime around 2223, the USS Gates was forced to return to Starbase 9 from a scientific study to receive minor repairs. Robert April thought that the design lacked in self-sufficiency, which he sought to rectify by designing the Constitution-class. Until that project, no known ship had been able to break the Warp 7 barrier. (ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)

This class is similar in design to many 23rd century scout class starships, with a saucer-shaped primary hull and a single warp nacelle. A difference is the secondary hull that most scout vessels lack. One such vessel, the starship USS Kelvin was still in operational service by 2233. (TOS movie & novelization: Star Trek)


Technical data

The ship's space-frame consisted of a wide, circular primary hull, an underslung warp nacelle, and a secondary hull suspended above the saucer section. A deflector dish marked the secondary hull's front, while the shuttlebay was at its aft end. Red impulse engines sat at the saucer's aft, and a blue impulse engine was placed at the end of the sole warp nacelle. (TOS movie: Star Trek)

In the 2250s decade of the Kelvin timeline, Starfleet ship types such as the Armstrong-, Mayflower-, and the Newton-type were based on the same design lineage. (TOS movie: Star Trek)

In the 2270s of the prime timeline, the Newton retained the basic hull components of the Einstein, in a different configuration. TOS - Waypoint - Special comic: "Consider Eternity")

The class, acquired by the Lobi Crystal Consortium from the Kelvin timeline and sold to the Alpha Quadrant Alliance, re-entered Starfleet service in 2410. It was now rated science vessel-based tier 6 destroyer. With heavy armor and armaments, one focus was to keep its crew and allies safe, and another on to maintain structural integrity in the face of adversity. The tier-6 destroyer was equipped with an advanced engagement system console. (STO website: The Kelvin Divergence Lock Box)

A vessel of the class was available to command by officers of Starfleet, and AQA officers allied with Starfleet. (STO - Season 18: Awakening mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

Class variations

While the Einstein was a modular design, its components could not be exchanged with other ship classes in the 25th century. As such, it had only one template, also called Einstein. (STO - Season 18: Awakening mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

The Einstein-class destroyer allowed its commanding officer to modify its livery and choose from different hull material options, which could be modified at allied hubs. These options were designated:

Furthermore, the installation of deflector shields from specific factions modified the hull appearance, including shields from the Reman Resistance, the Breen Confederacy and the Dominion. (STO missions: "Coliseum", "Cold Storage", "Boldly They Rode")

Ships of the class

There may have (likely, as there are no known Federation Starfleet classes not named after their first ship) been a prototype USS Einstein which the class was named after; however, no such ship is known.

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