Ekos is one of two M-class planets orbiting M43 Alpha, sister to the outer planet Zeon. Ekos is considered the inner planet, and is the homeworld of the Ekosian race.

The Federation historian John Gill visited Ekos in the mid 23rd century. What Gill found was a planet in the throes of anarchy. Gill chose to violate the Prime Directive in order to help the native population. Gill tried to institute a modified version of a Nazi government on Ekos - believing that a benign Nazi government that did not include the worst excesses of the original party could bring order to the Ekosian people without the disastrous consequences the original had to not only the German people, but to millions of others as well.

What Gill didn't realize was that the structure of governments structured on that of Nazi Germany during the 1930s and 1940s inherently invited abuse. Gill was drugged by his subordinate Melakon, who then became the real power on Ekos. Once Melakon took over, the worst aspects of Nazi rule came to the forefront on Ekos. The people of Zeon became the targets of this Nazi government, much like the Jewish people had been the targets of the original party.

Captain James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) arrived to find out what had happened to Gill, and discovered that his tampering in the Ekosian government had led to the rise of the Nazi state on Ekos. They found the drugged Gill, and revived him in time to put a stop to Melakon's plans. Melakon shot Gill, and was in turn killed by another Ekosian. Afterwards, a resistance movement took control of the Ekosian government. As Gill died in Captain Kirk's arms, he admitted that he made a terrible mistake, and that the Prime Directive was the correct way to deal with younger cultures.

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