For the primary universe counterpart, see Elaan.

In the mirror universe, Elaan was the Dohlman of Elas, and a member of the Elasian royal family in the 2260s.

In 2268, in a effort to bring peace between Elasians and Troyians, she was arranged to marry Hakil, the Caliph of Troyius. The Terran Empire assigned the ISS Enterprise to transport Elaan to Troyius in order to prevent the Klingon Empire from conquering their worlds and gaining access to their rich supplies of dilithium crystals.

As a proud Elasian warrior, Elaan was revolted by the prospect of marriage to a Troyian. Kryton, the leader of the Dohlman's guards, also hated the arrangement, as he loved Elaan and wished to marry her. Consequently, he conspired with the Klingons to sabotage the mission. Infuriated and insulted, Elaan raged about her circumstances and injured Petri by stabbing him in the back. The assault imperiled the success of the mission, after Petri refused to deal with Elaan any further. The only person to whom the Dohlman would consent to receive further instruction in etiquette was the highest-ranking individual on the ship: Captain Spock.

Shortly thereafter, Spock confided in Elaan that the Terran Empire's engineers had lied when they told the Elasians that their planet contained nothing of value decades earlier. As both Elas and Troyius were extremely well fortified, Starfleet Command reasoned that it would prove significantly less costly to provoke a prolonged war of attrition between the two planets so that they would be severely weakened and would therefore offer little resistance to the planned invasion. Furthermore, Spock told her that his orders were to halt the conflict by force of arms and subdue their planets in preparation for an occupying force. He instead suggested to the Dohlman that she wed Hakil as this would mean that their planets' defenses would be intact and united in the event of a Klingon attempt to annex Elas and Troyius. Elaan agreed to Spock's plan and granted Elas' exclusive mining rights to Spock personally rather than the Terran Empire, the control of which facilitated his rise to the Admiralty. Following Elaan and Hakil's marriage, a peace treaty was signed between Elas and Troyius, scuppering the plans of both the Terran and Klingon Empires. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

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