This character is a member of the Tucker family.

Elaine "Gracie" Tucker was a human female alive in the 22nd century. She was the wife of Charles Tucker II, the mother of Charles Tucker III, Elizabeth Tucker and Albert Tucker and the paternal grandmother of Owen Salazar-Tucker.

Gracie and her husband met future Federation President Jonathan Archer in 2143, after the Warp 2 tests. Following these tests, Gracie warned Archer not to involve her son Trip in any further schemes, and told him that since Trip looked up to him to make sure that he lived as the sort of man who could be looked up to. The friendship between Archer and Trip grew deeper over the years, as did the friendship between Archer and Trip's parents.

When Trip was forced to fake his death in early 2155, it fell to Captain Archer to tell Gracie and Charlie that their son was dead. As they had already lost their daughter Elizabeth, this loss was even more painful. (ENT novel: The Good That Men Do)

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