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For the primary universe counterpart, see Elaysian.

In the mirror universe, the Elaysians were a humanoid species native to the artificial planet known as Gemworld. Due to the low-gravity nature of the planet, they could not exist in normal gravity environments without being crushed by their own weight.

They were almost entirely wiped out when Gemworld was destroyed by the Terran Empire in the 2270s decade. However, Elaysian refugees continued to exist until as late as 2376. In that year, Governor Khegh of Lru-Irr traded two Deltans for an Elaysian slave named Melora Pazlar, whom he kept in a clear-walled tank of ice cold water. Doctor Shenti Yisec Eres Ree told the governor that he failed to see the point of playing with a creature which one did not intend to eat. Khegh offered to give the Elaysian to Ree when he was finished with her. However, Ree declined, claiming that she was "too bony" and that he preferred prey who could run. (TTN - Mirror Universe short story: "Empathy")

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