Eldex was a male Vaadwaur, a commander serving the Vaadwaur Supremacy in the early 25th century. He was dedicated to his people no matter the cost. During the Vaadwaur War of 2410, he started a rebellion against Supremacy leader Gaul. Eldex's ship was an Astika-class heavy artillery vessel. (STO - "Delta Rising" missions: "The Dragons Deceit", "Revolution")


During a Vaadwaur conference on Kartella Prime in 2410, Commander Eldex became witness to Commander Galik's infestation with a Bluegill. The revelation came during a fight between Telen and and a commanding officer of the Delta Alliance. After defeating Galik's parasite, Eldex and the captain traveled deeper into Kartella's caves, and battled a Bluegill hive, killing it and its spawn. Eldex vowed to expose the compromised Supremacy leadership. (STO - "Delta Rising" mission: "The Dragons Deceit")

Soon after, Eldex enlisted the Allied captain's aid in enacting a plan to expose the infiltration of Supremacy leadership at Kartella Prime. When the trap was sprung and Bluegills emerge from Vaadwaur leaders, some of the attending soldiers rebelled against Gaul and sided with Eldex. Thus, Eldex's rebellion began and the Vaadwaur were plunged into civil war. (STO - "Delta Rising" mission: "Revolution")

At the Battle of Vaadwaur Prime, Eldex and his followers participated to support the Delta Alliance. Following Gaul's defeat in a make-shift arena on Vaadwaur Prime by an Allied away team, Eldex demanded that Gaul's lack of a Bluegill parasite be kept a secret, and vaporized Gaul's body to destroy the evidence. (STO - "Delta Rising" mission: "Takedown")

Captain Harry Kim of the USS Rhode Island briefed an Allied captain that Eldex led the remaining Vaadwaur forces but had not been cooperative with the Delta Alliance. Following a battle at Kobali Prime, the Vaadwaur War effort wavered. (STO - "Delta Rising" mission: "Dust to Dust")

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