Eldorians are an advanced humanoid species from the planet Eldor.


Eldorians are distinguishable by their blue/green skin, narrow jawline, bald head and pointed ears.


In the 23rd century, an interplanetary war existed between Eldorians and Norusians.

In the 2260s, Eldorians maintained a strong spy network on and around Norus.

In 2265, when Captain James T. Kirk and Spock were abducted by a Norusian long distance transporter, intelligence sources provided information on their location. The Eldor Space Service dispatched the warship Lebron to meet with the crew of the Federation starship USS Enterprise and propose a partnership that would help end the war. While Lebron led a frontal assault on the Norusian city, Montgomery Scott led a rescue party to retrieve Kirk and Spock. (TOS comic: "Menace of the Moloth")





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