Eliana Moulton was a 23rd century human female from Tarsus IV who worked as an agricultural scientist. She was the wife of Zachary Moulton and mother of The Four Thousand: Crisis on Tarsus IV author Shannon Moulton.

Both Eliana and Shannon survived the 2246 massacre while her Zachary did not.

In the aftermath of the massacre, Shannon and Eliana met Starfleet lieutenant commander Philippa Georgiou at the New Anchorage hospital.

Following the massacre, Eliana and Shannon left Tarsus IV. Trying to understand what had happened on Tarsus IV, Shannon decided to write The Four Thousand to help her and other young survivors better understand what had happened as Eliana was reluctant to talk very much about the experience. Eliana did agree to talk to Shannon about the crisis from her point of view for Shannon's book.

Eliana became ill and died some time before March of 2256. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)

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