Commander Elias Vaughn

In September of 2376 Elias Vaughn took his second orb experience using the Orb of Unity

The experience began with Eli Underwood being taken to meet Benny Russell to be shown around the asylum for the clinically insane which he had been admitted into the night before (spending that night in solitary confinement). Eli and Benny quickly became friends sharing a love for baseball and a history in the military; as their friendship developed they shared more and Eli told Benny of his strained relationship with his daughter Pria due to his shooting his wife Ruri.

Whilst Elias was still emerged within his experience the orb was taken away and he was shot by parasite infested Bajoran monks, this left his physical self unconscious. In the experience Eli woke up to find the asylum empty apart from Benny, together he and Benny left the asylum and as they did so the asylum distorted into nothingness. This act brought Elias back to his body and Benny (Benjamin Sisko) back to the physical linear timed world from his time with the Prophets. (DS9 novel: Unity)

Characters in the experienceEdit

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