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You may be looking for the Elieth.
For the mirror universe counterpart, see Elieth (mirror).

Elieth (2319-2381) was a Vulcan man, the son of Tuvok and T'Pel.


Sometime prior to the year 2371, Elieth announced his intentions to move to the planet Deneva, a seemingly unlikely choice for a young Vulcan man. After his move, he then revealed his motive to persuade Ione Kitain to marry him. At the time, T'Pel had decried these actions as "illogical", a word Tuvok suspected had been a euphemism for "disappointing". The two wed sometime while Tuvok was lost in the Delta Quadrant aboard the USS Voyager (between 2371 and 2378).

Initially, T'Pel was hesitant towards Ione, but her sophisticated telepathic skills helped matters along, and respect and acceptance was finally granted once T'Pel realized the great contentment and peace of mind Ione seemed to bring to Elieth, whose logic had long felt troubled during his youth.

During the Borg invasion of that year, the Deneva president gave an order to evacuate the planet before the attackers arrived; Elieth and Ione stayed behind to assist the Deneva Civil Defense Corps. His role had been to maintain order at the launch site and ensure the most vulnerable citizens were given priority. After the last transport left, Ione hopefully considered that they might have been able to leave with it; Elieth responded that there had not been, and they were not a priority for evacuation. As the Borg struck the planet, Ione asked what he would miss most, and Elieth responded that once he no longer existed, he would be unaware of any loss. Ione cried lightly, and said she would miss him, and his emotional facade cracked, so that she knew he loved her as they perished.

After the Borg's invasion was halted, and despite Starfleet's messages that nothing had survived, Tuvok insisted that he and T'Pel visit the planet. Once on the surface, T'Pel was immediately ready to return to the Titan, finding nothing but dust and nothing to do, but Tuvok insisted he remain until he was ready, refusing to explain himself. She asked if he was considering the details of their son's death, and suggested the death was swift with only fleeting pain, but Tuvok replied that he was questioning Elieth's decision not to escape; T'Pel knew that Elieth's commitment to law enforcement and service of others would not have allowed him to do so. She declared that his choices must have been the most logical to him at the time, but Tuvok could find no logic in the death of his son. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

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