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Captain Eliot Fanon was a 24th century Human Starfleet officer who served as the commanding officer of the Federation starship USS Himori around the year 2370.


A tall, dark-skinned Human, Fanon was beginning to show his age with thinning, graying hair by the 2370s decade. Fanon considered Deneva II to be his home planet when not in fleet service, and was fluent in Federation Standard. Fanon came from a long line of military officers, including great-great grandfather Captain Lars Van Allsburg, who fought in the 22nd century Earth-Romulan War.

Captain Fanon had a reputation as one of the Federation's most vigilant "border captains" keeping a watchful eye along the Romulan Neutral Zone, having served on vessels along that border for over thirty years of his Starfleet career. As a captain, Fanon was known for running a tight ship, forbidding his officers from indulging in alcohol or synthehol. During his career as a commander along the border with the Romulan Star Empire, Fanon had seen combat with Romulan vessels a few times, including a three-warbird ambush that he barely escaped from. Fanon was not hateful of his Romulan adversaries, but was constantly wary of their intent against the Federation. Fanon's contemplative, dour demeanor was a great asset as a commander, but his one failing was his tendency to go to extremes to protect the Federation, sometimes in ignorance of its laws.

Fanon had earned the Starfleet Medal of Honor. (Last Unicorn RPG module: A Fragile Peace)



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