Elisa Flores was a human woman serving as an officer in the Federation Starfleet in the early 25th century. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


By 2409, Flores was attending Starfleet Academy as a cadet in her fourth year. That year, Flores, along with another cadet from the same year who was her best friend, got assigned to a starship under the command of Captain Masc Taggart on a training cruise. On that ship, Flores assumed the role of tactical officer on the bridge as part of the ship's senior staff, even though Captain Taggart noted that her record at the Academy had "a few blemishes". She also tutored other cadets, teaching an advanced phaser training program. (STO mission: "Graduation Day")

When the ship was attacked by Klingons lead by Kadek and Captain Taggart was captured, Flores was able to lock on to his commbadge to locate Kadek's cloaked ship. Flores' Academy friend subsequently took command of the ship and Flores was given a field promotion to Ensign. (STO mission: "Training Cruise")



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Like the other bridge officers in Star Trek Online, K'Gan and Tovan Khev, Flores also cannot be renamed. Unlike Khev, however, she can be removed, as can K'Gan.

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