The Elite Command Academy was a military institution located within the Klingon Empire that was part of the Klingon Defense Force and was active by the time of the 23rd century.

Its purpose was to train the finest warship commanders in the galaxy with new recruits entering into a rigorous training program with the intention of pushing their capabilities well past their expected limitations. The intensity of the training meant that many cadets did not succeed. Failure meant the expulsion of the recruit from the academy, and their return to their previous posting within the KDF. The Elite Command Academy's strict requirements meant that it did not take into account the family reputations of its recruits, with such traits holding little weight for success in the institution.

In the year 2291, General Chang served as the head instructor of the Elite Command Academy and was training the next generation of warship captains for the Klingon Defense Force. Chang believed that new recruits were needed to combat the Empire's true enemy, namely the United Federation of Planets. Those few that succeeded in their training were immediately given command of a warship upon graduation. Torlek was one of his star recruits who graduated from Academy and was instrumental during the Klingon Civil War. (TOS video game: Klingon Academy)


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