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Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Wu served as second officer of the Federation starship USS Stargazer, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, from 2333 to 2337. Prior to her assignment to the Stargazer, Wu served as chief of security aboard the USS Crazy Horse under Captain Enzo Rudolfini.

Upon first arriving aboard the Stargazer, Wu was an officer that meticulously stuck to the letter of each and every regulation. Wu quickly loosened up after first officer, Gilaad Ben Zoma convinced her that minor violations could be overlooked when they didn't affect the running of the ship. Wu quickly became one of Captain Picard's most trusted and dependable officers. (Star Trek: Stargazer series)

Wu served as Picard's second officer for several years. In 2337, Wu decided to leave Starfleet and join her sister, Victoria Wu, as a researcher on the Hydra IV colony.

Picard officially filed her departure as a "leave of absence", keeping the door open for Wu's possible return to Starfleet. However, to the best of Picard's knowledge, Wu never looked back.

Wu and Picard kept in touch over the years that followed. Picard would use Wu as a sounding board on ship matters, as she was someone who knew the workings of a starship well, but no longer had a stake in running them. (STA - Tales from the Captain's Table short story: "Darkness")

(Special thanks to Michael Schuster, who provided the drawing and maintains an informative and detailed Stargazer website. Michael is also co-author of the SCE eBook: The Future Begins.)


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