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"Emancipation, Part II" is a Deep Space Nine comic, the 5th issue of the Malibu Comics series of DS9, published in December 1993, the second part of the duology Emancipation story arc following previous issue "Emancipation".


The Chiaran Mardak has stolen the Ganges and is heading for the wormhole. He is planning to destroy it by inverting the power conduits. With the wormhole destroyed, his enemy Rogon will not be able to return to the Gamma Quadrant with any of Mardak's people as slaves. Jadzia Dax and Chief O'Brien have launched the Rio Grande and are in pursuit. Within the wormhole, O'Brien uses the ship's phasers to push the Ganges out of the wormhole. Jadzia transports Mardak and an accomplice off the Ganges and places them under arrest.

The two men are brought back to DS9, where Sisko demands an explanation. Mardak states that he was acting in his people's best interests and that trying to destroy the wormhole was the only way to stop his people being returned to slavery. Rogon senses an opportunity and sees that relations between Sisko and Mardak have been strained by Mardak's actions.

Sisko goes to Dax for advice and finds her studying the plants she brought back from the Gamma Quadrant when she first met the Chiarans. The plants originate from a world without light and water, but they still manage to survive. Dax counsels Sisko to just worry about the lives of the people on the station in the current situation, but Sisko notes that the Chiarans are on the station as well, making them his responsibility.

Mardak is being treated by Bashir when his mother comes to see him. She comments that she does not want to see her son die for the cause of Chiaran freedom. Rogon goes to Quark's, but is nearly killed when a bomb detonates. Mardak's mother is killed. Odo begins an investigation, but the suspects seem to be obviously Mardak and his people. Rogon stuns Mardak and Caldor, Rogon's subordinate, by telling Mardak that he will free Mardak's people to protect Chiara. Rogon seems to have affection for Mardak's late mother.

Caldor brings the news of Rogon's decision to some of Rogon's crew. The are opposed to the freeing of the slaves and plan a mutiny against Rogon. The Emancipator soon launches an attack on the station, but the DS9 crew are able to fight back. Rogon puts Caldor and the others in his brig.

With their freedom granted by Rogon, Mardak's people are preparing to leave for their homeworld in the Alpha Quadrant, which their ancestors had left many years before. Jadzia gives Mardak's wife Renda the flowers from the Gamma Quadrant. Some of Mardak's people want to return with Rogon to the Gamma Quadrant and Rogon gives his word they will no reprisals taken against them. Rogon also agrees to bury Rogon's mother's body on Chiara.

Log entries[]

Station log, supplemental 
Dax and O'Brien are returning with Mardak and Nomok.



Julian BashirCaldorJadzia DaxKira NerysMardakMornNerifNogNomokMiles O'BrienOdoQuarkRendaRogonRomBenjamin Sisko
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Jake SiskoJennifer Sisko


Alpha QuadrantBajoran wormholeDeep Space 9 (InfirmaryPromenadeQuark's) • Gamma Quadrant
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Emancipator (Chiaran starship) • USS Ganges (Danube-class runabout) • Liberator (Chiaran starship) • USS Rio Grande (Danube-class runabout)

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Bajoran MilitiaStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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insurancephaserphaser arrayPrime DirectiveSaurian brandyslaveryStructural integrity fieldundercaptain


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