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Emancipation and Beyond was an omnibus of six Malibu Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comic stories that was released by Boxtree.


When Lieutenant Jadzia Dax stumbles upon a space freighter in desperate need of food and medical assistance, she has no alternative but to bring the ship back through the wormhole guarded by DS9. But then the injured crew turn out to be slaves seeking asylum and the freighter turns out to be a slaver taken over by its cargo. To make matters worse, a Chiaran slaveowner appears demanding the return of his property, which means Commander Benjamin Sisko has all the makings of a nasty interstellar incident on his hands.
And then there's Major Kira, so incensed that the hated Cardassians are trying to negotiate planetary mining rights that Commander Sisko has her sent on vacation. Unfortunately, the holiday resort is staffed by slaves and as a once enslaved worker herself, Major Kira knows exactly where her sympathies lie..



  • The cover of the omnibus was a reuse of the cover for the sixth issue of the Malibu DS9 comic.


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