Emerak Mozinphar was a male Orion who lived in the mid-23rd century and member of the Mozinphar family.

He was formerly an pirate captain and slave trader, until he was forced to flee the Rigel system following the first crackdown by the Federation and the ensuing chaos. He led several starships and their crews, and they identified themselves as being political refugees. In stardate 1/9609, Emerak discovered and named Mozinphar's Star in the area of space known as the Outback, and he and his people had settled on the fourth world, Ectair, by stardate 2/0001. Emerak became Ectair's first Master, and developed it into a neutral and independent free trade-world.

In the FASA RPG timeline, stardate 1/96 is actually during the Klingon Empire's occupation of the Rigel system. The particular Federation crackdown is unclear. See Orion history for more.

As the Federation continued to expand towards Ectair and its people settled on his world, Emerak worked hard to maintain friendly relations. When a Romulan squadron and a Starfleet vessel (the USS Ardent) met and conflicted near Ectair, threatening a major diplomatic incident between their respective states, Emerak stepped in to mediate their dispute.

The matter of Romulans skirting the Romulan Neutral Zone via the Outback and visiting Ectair was a serious problem for the Federation, and negotiations took place on Ectair itself. These resulted in the Treaty of Ectair, signed by representatives of the Federation, the Romulan Empire and Ectair on stardate 2/1810.21.

Emerak died sometime before stardate 2/2306, and was succeeded as Master of Ectair by his son, Amehda Mozinphar, who proved to be a significantly less capable leader. (FASA RPG module: A Doomsday Like Any Other)

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