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Emilie Bowers was a 23rd century Human woman, a Federation scientist and professor.


Prior to 2268, she had a relationship with fellow professor Patrick Moore. He ended the relationship, and her recollection of events was that he was heartless and treated her badly.

She later published a paper on light sensitive fungi.

In 2268, she was icy and derisive when reunited with Moore aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise, which was taking them to the Interstellar Geophysical Conference on Beta Aurigae III. When he was found murdered, Bowers was considered a suspect, as she had held Moore's food tray for a steward and could have poisoned Moore's pudding with potassium cyanide.

When the ship arrived, the murder remained unsolved, and Captain James T. Kirk had no choice but to remand the case to authorities on Beta Aurigae. Bowers beamed to the surface accompanied by a security guard, despite heated objections, along with fellow suspects Stoy Aaraka and William Terrens. (TOS comic: "Murder on the Enterprise")



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