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Emmett was the name given to the Emergency Medical Hologram aboard the USS da Vinci by Chief Medical Officer Doctor Elizabeth Lense. (SCE eBook: Hard Crash)

The name was derived from the initials E.M.T., for "emergency medical technician." (SCE eBook: Oaths)

Emmett was at first considered by Dr. Lense to be nothing more than a computer program, but as she was beginning to exhibit signs of severe depression, she began relying on him more often to treat patients and conduct medical tests while she distanced herself from her work. When her commanding officer David Gold, ordered her to undergo counseling and involve herself once again in her work, he instructed Emmett to document her efforts and report her progress. Emmett's program was lost when the da Vinci was nearly destroyed in the atmosphere of Galvan VI. By this time, Dr. Lense had come to consider Emmett, who helped her both medically and personally during her periods of depression, a friend, so much so that the destruction of his program moved her to tears. (SCE eBook: Wildfire, Book 2)

Starfleet was able to salvage the basic components of Emmett's program after the rescue of the Da Vinci, but none of his memories or experiences were recoverable.

While the da Vinci did have a new EMH installed after being recovered from Galvan VI, this new hologram has not (yet) been given a name.


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