Enamori Jenn was a Betazoid female of the 23rd century.

Assigned to the USS Narbonne, Jenn was one of the first Betazoids to join Starfleet after the United Federation of Planets initiated contact with Betazed.

Jenn had joined Starfleet prior to Betazed joining the Federation. At the time it was not widely known that Betazoids possessed telepathic abilities, and the Betazed government wanted to keep their abilities quiet until they were sure how the Federation would react to their telepathic abilities. Jenn abided by her people's wishes regarding their abilities, and made it a rule to never read the minds of her colleagues or others, feeling that it was improper for her to do so without their consent.

Holding the rank of Lieutenant by 2246, Jenn was one of the team members that assisted the colonists on Tarsus IV after the fungal infection and massacre of 4,000 colonists. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures).



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