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Star Trek Encounters: Take control of multiple starships spanning over 40 years of Star Trek!



Location: Jupiter Station: The NX-01 begins its training by flying through a track of rings, destroy some asteroids using phase cannons or photonic torpedoes and complete another ring course to test its speed. After this, the NX-01 heads for Titan (Saturn's moon) to test the targeting systems and the NX-01's ability to destroy moving targets. Sadly the training is aborted when 2 Xindi fighters invade the Sol system (This is a good test of attacking ships with shields). After this, you are ordered to return to Jupiter to set up a defensive line of mines to protect the station from a Xindi strike force. During the fight, disable a cruiser and beam an away team onto it and destroy all remaining forces. After the fight, you are ordered to dock so do it and then you will be heading for the Expanse sooner than you can say "Engage".
Xindi Superweapon
Location: The Expanse: After reaching the Delphic Expanse, the NX-01 must follow the warp trails of 4 freighters to find the schematics of the new Xindi superweapon. After finding its weakness, the NX-01 destroys the weapon and call it a job well done. (But this won't be the last of the superweapon)
The Expanse
Location: The Expanse: The job isn't done yet: now the NX-01 must stop the production of those killer machines. They start by heading to a damaged control sphere incognito to scan where the main facility is and then heads for Jupiter to decode the scan (which will take 180 secs or 3 minutes, and you will be under fire before then) and after a torpedo refit, heads back to the Expanse. The final step is to destroy every control sphere in this desolate area by using the refitted torpedoes. Once this is done the job in the Expanse is finally over and the crew can relax for now.

The Original Series

Location: Alpha Quadrant : Before the Peace talks with the Klingons, the USS Enterprise must escort a Vulcan to a station. First, the Enterprise must destroy Orion forces until the Vulcan arrives. You look like your in the clear, right? WRONG! You get ambushed by Klingons who don't want the talks to work. The battle ends with the Vulcan disabled. Put a tractor beam onto it and tow it. Be careful of the Klingons. Once you reach the station, hold off the Klingons until you find out that a command ship is giving the call so attack it until it gets away. YOU MUST GET THAT SHIP SO WARP AFTER IT!
Cat and Mouse
The original Enterprise must track a lone Klingon ship in a debris field.
A Spectre's Shadow
Location: Alpha Quadrant: After the battle in the debris field, you are given temporary control of the Vor'cha-class you fought. You must rendezvous with a Federation strike force, however the Klingons are on to you and changed their code so use nebulae and your cloaking device to get to a Constitution-class and the USS Raman. After that, destroy the main facilities by beaming away teams over there. After you took out all vessels, your done so head back to space dock where a shiny new Enterprise awaits.
Dead in the Water
Location: Alpha Quadrant: You answer a distress call you wish you didn't answer because the victim gets destroyed and a hit in the power core means you aren't going anywhere. Once a wave of Klingons are destroyed, the damage disables your torpedoes so use phasers on the next wave. Your torpedoes are back up, but Scotty had to divert it from the phaser banks so the phasers are down for this battle. After that, all you energy weapons are down so mines are left, use them to destroy a cruiser and use the tractor to get the power core to get all weapons back, which is handy for the Klingons just launched missiles at you. After the missiles, you get the USS Grissom and USS Pegasus to nurse the Enterprise back to health. Then destroy every enemy to get out of there.
Battle at Genesis
Location: Genesis Planet: The Klingons know about the fragments of the Genesis Device so you must stop them! First get there using warp conduits and then destroy the Klingons in orbit before they find the pieces. Soon the Planet blows and you and the remaining ships are in the blast so redirect all energy to shields and engine and GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE! Soon you escape and are ready for some R&R.

The Next Generation

Shadows and Dust
The Enterprise-D must see what the Romulans are trying to hide.
Into the Wormhole
The Enterprise-D must rescue ships from the other side of a wormhole.
See No Evil
The Enterprise-D must get evidence of wrong doings by the Romulans.
The Enterprise-D must heal a behemoth creature from an attack by the Orions.

Deep Space Nine

Into The Badlands
Location: The Badlands: After receiving a distress call, the USS Defiant heads for beacons at abandoned ships to rescue them while trying to stay under the scope of the Jem'Hadar ships. Then the Defiant must get through some plasma storms to another signature: this time it's the other objective: A Dominion fleet. The ships you must destroy are offline but some Jem'Hadar, and even Cardassian ships, attack. To destroy a group, mines are needed. Once you destroy the fleet, a call from Deep Space 9 comes so return to Bajor for the fight of your life.
Fire at Will
Location: Bajor: Investigate the local asteroid field to find a fleet of Jem'Hadar ships. Destroy them, and after you do, station Deep Space 9 calls for help! Head for the station to hold of a Jem'Hadar fleet attacking the station. After that, you must dock the Defiant at DS9 so do it (after you destroy another wave of ships) and now you have control for now. Use the station to stop each wave of those persistent Jem'Hadar until they see they can't control DS9, when destroying it is more fun so take out the debris thrown your way. Now back on the Defiant, your final mission is to stop the fleet for good so head for the Bajoran wormhole and hold off the forces until a Nebula-class loaded with explosives gets in and then... watch the fireworks.


The Chase
The Voyager must collect 4 DNA pieces before Jal Culluh of the Kazon-Nistrim sec.
The Luddite Prophecy
The Voyager must protect a system from Borg assimilation and destruction.
My Enemy's Enemy
The Voyager must follow a Borg Cube captured by Species 8472.
The One Who is Many
The Voyager must escape the Borg Queen's diamond via the transwarp system.


The Orion Syndicate
The Sovereign/Enterprise must follow Ferengi ships to illegal Orion activity.
Against All Odds
The Sovereign/Enterprise, NX-01, Original Enterprise and Defiant must protect Earth from the Xindi, Klingons and Jem'Hadar while switching between each other, the Defiant must get back to the future using Captain Kirk's slingshot only to end up to a Romulan-controlled Earth and a switch to the Voyager and then to a Borg assimilated Earth and a switch back to the Sovereign/Enterprise where both realities must be destroyed.



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Keldon-classHideki-class fighterGroumall-class freighter
Jem'Hadar battleshipJem'Hadar cruiserJem'Hadar attack ship
Klingon bird-of-preyD7-class battle cruiserVor'cha-class
D'Deridex-class warbirdRaptor-classDefender-class
Xindi-Insectoid fighterXindi-Aquatic cruiserXindi-Reptilian Transport
Ferengi D'Kora-class marauderKazon raiderOrion Wanderer-classSpecies 8472 bioship



  • Encounters represents an abortive attempt to port Star Trek: Legacy to a console release. Conversion of the Legacy game engine would have required significant development costs, so the game was ported with only the basic ship graphics, music soundtrack and sound effects. None of the voice-over or story of Legacy was included and the release was branded with the new name to show the difference. These assets would again be re-used for console play in Star Trek Conquest, which would adapt the gameplay cut into the licensed Conquest game board, and again using the same ships, graphics, music and sound effects.
  • Encounters used a new series heading for the Sovereign-class missions, which were called Star Trek: Sovereign. This heading is never used elsewhere, but it raises the question whether the vessel in both of the missions was the USS Enterprise-E or the USS Sovereign, the prototype Sovereign-class vessel of that era which was featured in novels and ST video game: Bridge Commander. Only one mission has an audio occurrence of the name Enterprise
  • The Constitution-class refit Enterprise-subclass missions might be depicting a number of vessels of that type, in that they depict events that occurred when the two Enterprise vessels, the USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise-A, were not in service. For example, the Genesis Planet mission could not have been an Enterprise, since when the planet exploded, the NCC-1701 had already been destroyed and the NCC-1701-A had not been commissioned yet.
  • The Klingon Vor'cha-class has not been seen earlier than the TNG era in any other sources. Design notes from the class's creation note that it was the result of collaboration with Federation ship design, making earlier usage problematic to continuity.
  • In the mission "Dead in the Water" both the USS Grissom and USS Pegasus make an appearance, although the Grissom was previously destroyed at the Genesis planet.
  • "The Chase", while involving USS Voyager and the Kazon, is actually based on the TNG episode: "The Chase".



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