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This article is about the episode novelization. You may be looking for the NF novel, End Game.


For seven tumultuous years, the U.S.S. Voyager has explored the Delta Quadrant, encountering strange alien civilizations and bizarre space-time anomalies as it steadfastly made its way back toward the safety of Federation space. Captain Kathryn Janeway and her heroic crew have faced all manner of harrowing danger and hostile life-forms - including the Kazon, the Borg, and the Q - while never losing sight of their ultimate goal: home. Now, at last, Voyager's epic trek may be nearing its end...
After so many perilous and astounding adventures, will Captain Janeway finally bring her wayward starship back to the Alpha Quadrant? And what will become of her diverse yet tightly knit crew? Will Chakotay, B'Elanna Torres, and the other former Maquis freedom fighters face long-delayed justice for their crimes against the Federation? And is there any place in Starfleet for the uniquely independent Borg known as Seven of Nine?
As the ultimate destiny of Voyager is revealed, all that is certain is that nothing will ever be the same!
Based on the unforgettable two-hour series finale!


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Episode characters

Lydia AndersonAshmoreAyalaReginald BarclayBorg QueenChakotayCulhaneThe DoctorGolwatIchebKathryn JanewayHarry KimKorathLanaNeelixMiral ParisOwen ParisTom ParisSabrinaSeven of NineB'Elanna TorresTuvok
Referenced only
BraxCaptain ProtonChellDexaJoeMary KimOkaroSpockNaomi Wildman

Novelization characters

Reginald BarclayBarrensonBorg QueenChakotayEdduIchebKathryn JanewayHarry KimKorathLanaNeelixMiral ParisOwen ParisTom ParisSabrinaSeven of NineSylvanusB'Elanna TorresTuvok
Referenced only
BraxCaptain ProtonChellDexaDashiell HammettJoeMary KimLouiseOkaroSpockT'PelNaomi Wildman

Starships and vehicles

USS Bonchune (Nebula-class) • Borg cubeUSS Challenger (Galaxy-class) • USS Prometheus (Prometheus-class) • USS Rhode Island (Nova-class) • SC-4Sphere 634USS Voyager (Intrepid-class) • Akira-classDefiant-classExcelsior-classMiranda-classSaber-classSteamrunner-classVoodieh-class
Referenced only
bicycleDelta Flyer IImotorcycleplanetransport


Alpha QuadrantDelta QuadrantEarth (Golden Gate BridgeSan FranciscoSan Francisco Bay) • Grid 362Grid 986Milky Way GalaxyTranswarp hubUnicomplex (central nexusUnimatrix 01)
Referenced only
Caretaker's Array • Earth (AlcatrazIrelandOakland ShipyardPresidio) • Tri-NebulasUnimatrix Zero

Races and cultures

Referenced only
CardassianFen DomarFerengiKellidianSpecies 8472Trill

States and organizations

Borg CollectiveHouse of KorathKlingon EmpireProject PathfinderStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet MedicalUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Klingon High CouncilStarfleet Intelligence

Science and technology

ablative generatoralternate timelineanti-tachyon pulseassimilationbiobedbiomatterbiradial clampastrotelemetricsatmosphereautopilotbloodblue giantBorg transwarp networkCardassian disruptorcerebral cortexchronexalinechrono deflectorcomputercortical nodedilithiumdisruptorenvironmental suitfalse laborgasgraviton fluxhologramholonovelimpulse engineinflammationinterspatial manifoldkilometerlife supportmattermedical tricordermeternacellenadion pulsenanitenanotechnologynebulaneural interfaceneurological conditionneurolytic pathogenneuropeptideneutrinoomnispectral stealthpaddphaserpsychologyregeneration cycleshield generatorsolar flaresolar windstealth technologysubspacesynaptic interfacesynaptic transceivertachyokinetic energytachyon pulsetachyon radiationtemporal deflectortemporal riftthrustertransphasic torpedotransportertransporter enhancertranswarptranswarp aperturetranswarp networktricordertritaniumwormhole

Ranks and titles

admiralambassadoranalystcadetcaptaincommandercrewmancuratordiplomatdirectorensignguest lecturerhelmsmaninternliaisonlieutenantlieutenant commanderlogiciannewscasterspectrographervice admiralyeoman

Other references

10th century BC1800s232923772378239424002404awardbaseballblanketBorg dronecandleCaptain's personal log, USS VoyagercarafechampagneChicken Warp Core-don Bleucitationcoffeecolliedancingdéjà vudemotiondiaperdoctorateelopementEvasive maneuversfal-tor-vohfireworksfishingfour-year missiongolfGoridian knothospitalhors d'oeuvreivorykadis-kotkal-tohkisslogicluckmeatmedalmess hallmind meldmixed marriagemoviemuseum shipnebula souppaperpenpencilpicnicPlasma Leek Souppoolpot roastpotato chippunRed Alert ChilirocksandwichsickbaysilksodastammerstardateSundayteaTemporal Mechanics DepartmentTemporal Prime DirectivethermosThursdaytlhInghan'Holtoastvideoyoke


Related stories

The adventures of the USS Voyager and her crew continue in Homecoming.
Elite Force II opens with the a mission set in last moments of Endgame when Voyager is inside Sphere 634.


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