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You may be looking for the comic "The Enemy of My Enemy".

Introduction (blurb)

The eagerly awaited continuation of Old Wounds!

Captain Chakotay and his sister, Sekaya, are being held captive beneath the surface of Loran II by a Changeling -- an outcast Founder masquerading as Chakotay's second-in-command, Andrew Ellis. To Chakotay's horror, the Changeling gives the two prisoners over to the infamous Cardassian scientist Crell Moset, who plans to use Chakotay's Sky Spirit-enhanced DNA to create a super species that will bring him the fame and acceptance he craves.

Leaving Chakotay and Sekaya to their fate, the Changeling assumes Chakotay's image and infiltrates the Starship Voyager, putting the entire crew at risk. Dr. Jarem Kaz and Lieutenant Harry Kim, increasingly suspicious of their captain's odd behavior, turn to Admiral Janeway and Lieutenant Commander Tom Paris for help. As Paris races to save Voyager from catastrophe, the real Chakotay must undertake a "Spirit Walk" that could set him and his sister free -- or lead to their ultimate destruction....


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Voyager personnel

Karen AshtonAstallLyssa CampbellChakotay/Stone Keeper • Kathryn KaylarJarem KazHarry KimBrendan NiemannTom ParisDevi PatelAkolo TareVorik

Other Starfleet personnel

The DoctorAndrew EllisKathryn JanewayKenneth MontgomeryB'Elanna TorresTuvok
Referenced only
Beverly CrusherJack CrusherOwen ParisJean-Luc PicardSkhaa


Referenced only
AmgarGradak KazVallia KazKemiLaskanRammaRekkanTixari

Other characters

Alamys • "Arak Katal"/Andrew EllisBlue Water Boy/Blue Water DreamerWesley CrusherGuillaume FortierMarius FortierPaul Fortier/KaymarGuraIrene HansenKaiMerin KolKolopakLakuurMnokCrell MosetSandrineSekaya/Daughter of the Forest • Seven of Nine
Referenced only
BeratisCaretakerSkrain DukatElaniDeirdre EllisAman EvekVictor FrankensteinPhillip GreenAdolf HitlerHoratioKahless, son of KahlessKeslaKodosKohlarKularg, son of GravKaymar MosetOdoOpharixJulia ParisWilliam ShakespeareT'sartHent Tevren

Starships and vehicles

Carrington (shuttlecraft) • Delta Flyer IIUSS Voyager
Referenced only
USS AdventureUSS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • Vallia's RevengeUSS Victory (Constellation-class) •


Alpha QuadrantBorethEarth (Sandrine's) • Loran IIVaan
Referenced only
BadlandsBajorBetazedCentral AmericaDeep Space 9Delta QuadrantDorvan VGamma QuadrantKeroviSan FranciscoSanta BarbaraTevlik's moonUniversity of CulatYsa

Races and cultures

Referenced only
AndorianBajoranBetazoidBolianBorgJem'HadarKtlonianParnasiSky SpiritVorta

States and organizations

Federation Research InstituteKlingon EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Cardassian UnionDominionFoundersGreat LinkMaquisSection 31Starfleet AcademyStarfleet Command

Science and technology

akoonahautopsybiobedbiologycellClass Mcloaking devicecombadgecommunicatorcomputerDNAEmergency Medical Hologramevolutionexobiologyforcefieldfostossa virusgenetic engineeringhologramhyposprayinfraredisoborominelaser scalpellungmedical tricordermedicinemedkitThe Missing Linkmorphogenic virusnadion radiationpaddphaserphaser riflephysicspolyferrinidequantum physicsquantum stasis fieldreplicatorshieldsspleenstasis chambertelekinesistelepathytransportertricorderturboliftUmari fluuniversal translatorwarp core breachweather control system

Ranks and titles

admiralagentamarambassadorcaptainchief engineerchief medical officerClan Leaderclericcolonel commandercounselorDirector of Covert OpsdoctorEmperor of the Klingon Empireensignfirst officerflight controllergullibrarianlieutenantlieutenant commandermusicianoperations officerpilgrimpriestscience officerscientistsecurity chiefsecurity officerspiritual advisersultactical officervice admiralwaiter

Other references

18th century2371The Adventures of Captain Protonarachnidavianaway teamaurabat'lethBattle of BetazedBeauty and the BeastBlack JaguarbonebookCardassian operachamozichampagnecheesechimpanzeeClarke's three lawscoffeecoffee shopcolonycoyotecrackersdemocracydiplomacyeye maskflutegamma-shiftHamletholographic program A-4humanoidjathamKuvah'MaghLegate's Crest of ValorlilacMermaidmind meldminuetmugatooatmealOccupation of BajororangutanorchidpaagratpineplanetpoolprimatePriority gamma oneraspberry ice creamribsrisottoRoyal ProtocolscalpelsciencescrollScrolls of Gharghseklaarshore leaveSirenSkakarian tubersnakeSolidspirit walksteaktargulyuvegetarianVulcan lyreVulcan mochawolf


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