"They have some sort of technology that prolongs life."
Captain Balthazar Edison in his Captain's log[src]
Krall's energy transference

Krall using two Enterprise crewman in his energy transference.

Energy transference was a technology that prolonged life.


Following the USS Franklin's crash landing on Altamid in the 2160s, Captain Balthazar Edison and his two surviving crew members discovered this technology. When their distress calls went unanswered, Edison, Jessica Wolff, and Anderson Le used this technology on themselves by using the drone workforce to capture alien crew that came to Altamid. For the next century, Edison, Wolf and Le (calling themeselves Krall, Kalara, and Manas due to their heavily mutated bodies) used this technology on various aliens to survive.

Kelvin timelineEdit

By 2263, Krall and Manas incorporated the technology into their suits to enable them to directly transfer the energy from their captured victims into themselves. Krall used this on Keelah in order to feed himself and Manas. Krall also used this technology to slowly kill and coerce his prisoners in his search for the Abronath. After Krall crashed into the Franklin at Yorktown, Krall was able to drain at least five Enterprise crewmembers, regaining much of his human appearance in his attempt to use the abronath. (TOS - Boldly Go comic: "Issue 5"; TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)


Despite prolonging life, the transference caused anyone who underwent it to mutate and take on the victim's physical traits. This made Krall and his two crew members unrecognizable as Humans. Another effect was that the transference altered their language to a point that they would not speak English. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

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