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An engineer is a person trained and skilled in the operation of engine technology, or in any of the various branches of engineering where progress of any sort is directed by trained manipulation.

History and specifics[]

In Starfleet and other spacefaring cultures, those with the title of engineer are generally responsible for the physical operations and maintenance of a starship or space station and its multiple systems, and do work in engineering sections.

This terminology is also used in other fields of science, such as medicine that has a dicipline referred to as genetic engineering, where DNA and other genetic codes are altered to desired effects. Also, in politics and society, a leader can engage in social engineering, where populations can be manipulated to form a changed version of a previous iteration. As a play on words, Khan Noonien Singh identified himself as "an engineer of sorts", most likely referring to his attempts to replace entire populations of "normal" Human beings with genetically engineered Augments through dictatorial orders. (TOS episode: "Space Seed")


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