Engineering droid

An engineering droid was a robot, piece of technology used aboard Federation starships in the 23rd century.

The droid was between three and four feet tall, stubby, with two main arms and six wheels for propulsion. It also contained an assortment of grappling arms, power cables, and compartments for tools that would be of assistance to an engineer. It did not vocalize or otherwise communicate.

History[edit | edit source]

Hadley and droid assess a hatch

In the year 2274, Engineering Ensign Thomas Hadley brought an engineering droid with him on a landing party mission. His assignment was to repair one of the fusion engines aboard a derelict spacecraft before a passing neutron star could kill its crew. The droid carried Hadley’s helmet and provided him with tools. It helped measure energy in power lines and assess the condition of other equipment. As he crawled into hatches, the droid’s tools allowed him to check seals around the hatches for each engine. In one hatch, a corded device from the droid measured high resistance in the main power feed of the derelict. Later, Hadley came across unconscious security chief Umeki, and the drone was able to help revive him. (TOS comic: "The Savage Within")

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