Enid Jarvis was a Human woman and a member of Starfleet in the 24th century. She held the rank of captain by around 2359.

In that year, she was captain of the USS Starbound, which was on a training voyage for recent graduates of Starfleet Academy. Their mission was to transport supplies between a number of planets; it was safe and not urgent and gave the ensigns experience. The cruise was so successful that, four months in, the Starbound was given the secret and important mission of transporting dilithium from Tarba to Starfleet's Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars while on its way back to Earth. The dilithium was loaded in secret at Starbase 36, where the crew had leave.

However, the ship's Weapons Room was sabotaged, leaving many of the ship's hand-held phasers defective. Ensign Tasha Yar discovered the defective phasers during an inventory 28 days later, and an investigation by Security Chief Darryl Adin and Ensign George Bosinney of Engineering discovered the sabotage. Yar reported the problem to Jarvis.

Before they could fix the problem, the Starbound was attacked and disabled by an Orion pirate vessel. Jarvis ordered a surrender, but the Orions ignored it and boarded the ship. Jarvis was shot or stunned during in the ensuring fighting; the Orions later shot her in the head to be certain. (TNG novel: Survivors)


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