Enoch VII and moons

Enoch VII in flames. (2370)

Enoch VII is the seventh planet in the Enoch system, inhabited by the historically peaceful Enochians.

The Enochians have a democratic government, with an elected President, who resides in the building which also serves as the planet's seat of government, the Presidential Palace.


In the late 22nd century, the Enochian government was an interstellar model for the proficiency of harmonious living, and prosperity through peace. Since the early days of the Federation, the two governments have been strong allies in peaceful ventures.

In late-2369, a series of murders plagued the planet, setting it off into a planet-wide panic. Before long, military officers had turned on their superiors, and were bombing locations through out the planet. President Simone sent a distress call to the Federation in early 2370 when the problem had gotten out of hand, the USS Enterprise-D was dispatched.

Upon arrival, the crew was shocked to see a world in flames. Civilians across the planet had been sent into homelessness and strife, to which the Enterprise was due to offer assistance. The vessel's effort were stopped when the cause of the problems, later found to be the entity Redjac, entered Doctor Crusher and took over the Enterprise computers.

After an intellectual battle with Lieutenant Commander Data, and the murder of several crewmembers when the ship's transporter system beamed unwitting individuals to the holodeck, the Redjac entity was contained in a modified antimatter containment pod. The Enochians asked the Federation to house it's permanent incarceration on Enoch VII's third moon, which the Federation gladly allowed. (TNG comic: "Embrace the Wolf")

In a non-Trek reference, the film Galaxy Quest has Jason Nesmith tell a group of Questarians, "I think we all know what happened to that beast on Enoch VII."


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