Enochian fighter

An Enochian fighter (2370)

Enochian fighters are a type of space craft used by the Enochians to fight off local threats, as they need to be launched from their planet's surface.

They are made of green metals, and their only offenses are red phaser-like weapons. They are a little larger than shuttlecraft, and are only meant to hold a few people.

In 2370, after the planet Enoch VII fell into chaos, and Redjac had been contained aboard the USS Enterprise-D, Enochian President Simone sent five fighters to destroy it, in hopes of keeping Redjac from ever harming anyone else again. When the Enterprise returned fire, they were able to fight them off, but before the second wave could attack, a successful peaceful agreement had been arranged, and the fighters were called back. (TNG comic: "Embrace the Wolf")

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