A diplomatic summit of universal proportions sets the stage for another historic note in the annals of the Federation.
A new race known as the Cardassians seeks Federation status. When Ambassador Sarek opposes their petition, his son, Ambassador Spock, publicly denounces Sarek's opinion. Underlying the strained diplomacy is the tension between father and son regarding Sarek's recent marriage.
Chaos soon reigns as a contingent of Legarans attending the summit are mysteriously attacked and Sarek's new bride is kidnapped. Spock must set aside his differences with his father to stop the saboteurs and restore peace.


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Log EntriesEdit

  • McCoy, Personal log... Stardate 14089.9 
    Talk about your May-December marriages...
    ... Here's hopin' this one goes better than the last time I came to Vulcan for a wedding. speaking of which...
    After the ceremony came the reception at Sarek's home in Shikahr... and my first real chance to meet the bride.
  • McCoy, Personal log... Stardate 14093.4 
    Aboard Vulcan Space Central. They may be calling it a peace summit, but I have a feeling we're going to see plenty of fireworks.
    The Cardassian envoy Lorjek surprised everyone by speaking excellent Federation standard English, but what he said was pretty much what I expected --
    -- The usual diplomatic double-talk about peace and cooperation and friendship. And then it was Sarek's turn to open the debate.



ChonLorjekLeonard McCoyNadokPerrinSarekSpockTeljanThelianWarad
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Amanda GraysonJames T. Kirk

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Hideki-classVataruban patrol ship


BajorCardassia PrimeLegara IVQo'noSShiKahrVulcanVulcan Space Central

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Cardassian High CommandFederation CouncilObsidian OrderUnited Federation of Planets

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ahn woonk'hava winekoon-ut-kal-if-fee



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