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Enterprise assignment insignia.

List of crewpeople who served aboard the Enterprise (NX-01).

Senior staff

The senior staff of NX-01.

Communications personnel

Engineering personnel

Flight control personnel

Galley personnel and stewards

Medical personnel

Sciences personnel

Tactical and armory personnel

MACO detachment

MACO assignment insignia.

Miscellaneous personnel

  • Ensign Ansara
  • Ensign Billy (surname unestablished)
  • Ensign Cole
  • Ensign McFarlane
  • Ensign Patricia F. O'Malley
  • Ensign Jeffrey Pierce
  • Ensign Porter
  • Ensign Soccoro (c. 2151)
  • Crewman Dickison
  • Crewman Fisher
  • Crewman Fuller
  • Crewman Haynem
  • Crewman Hayes
  • Crewman Kamata (d. 2154)
  • Crewman Keeley
  • Crewman Kimball
  • Crewman Naiman
  • Crewman Namod
  • Crewman Rossi
  • James "Jimmy" Horn
  • Tom (surname unestablished) (d.2153)

Command division

Operations division

Sciences division




Personnel lists by ship
United Earth Starfleet Columbia personnelEnterprise personnel United Earth emblem. Earth Starfleet emblem.
Federation Starfleet USS Aldrin personnelUSS da Vinci personnelUSS Defiant (prototype) personnelUSS Enterprise (NCC-1701) personnelUSS Enterprise (Kelvin timeline NCC-1701) personnelUSS Enterprise-A personnelUSS Enterprise-B personnelUSS Enterprise-C personnelUSS Enterprise-D personnelUSS Enterprise-E personnelUSS Excelsior personnelUSS Excalibur (NCC-26517) personnelUSS Excalibur-A personnelUSS Exeter personnelUSS Fortuna personnelUSS Odyssey personnelUSS Saladin personnelUSS Stockholm personnelUSS Surak personnelUSS Titan personnelUSS Voyager personnel UFP emblem image. Seal of the Federation Starfleet.
Terran Empire ISS Enterprise (NX-01) personnelISS Enterprise (NCC-1701) personnel Seal of the Terran Empire.
Klingon Empire IKS Gorkon personnelKring's battle cruiser personnelIKV Malevolent personnelIKS Rotarran personnelIKV Slasher personnelIKS Varchas personnel Emblem of the Klingon Empire
Romulan Star Empire Bloodwing personnel Emblem of the Romulan Star Empire
Bajoran Republic Orb of Peace personnel Emblem of the Bajorans.
other Merchantman personnel

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